[Tagging] foot=yes or bicycle=yes on track without other limitations?

Ilpo Järvinen ilpo.jarvinen at helsinki.fi
Thu Jul 11 06:21:37 UTC 2013

On Thu, 11 Jul 2013, Friedrich Volkmann wrote:

> > It is better to tag signs: bicycle=yes only if there is a "bicycle 
> > free" sign. Same with other signs. So if we see the tags, we know 
> > which sign is there, and backwards.
> I don't see a benefit of mapping the traffic signs themselves, though. 
> It only matters which restrictions apply to which ways, not how the 
> signs look like or where they are located.

It depends.

I've found numerous bugs from osm data and in real world traffic signs too
since we started mapping them around here. Once I've them all on the map, 
I can easily determine from osm data alone if the ways are tagged 
correctly or not. I don't need to remember all details in the head 
anymore nor collect them for an area at once since they exist now in the 
osm too as traffic signs (there are unbelievable number of inconsistensies 
in foot/bicycle/horse related traffic signs around here which will require 
lots of :forward/backward style trickery that would be hard to master for 
any non-trivially sized area without all related signs either in head 
or in osm). Besides, the head approach is limited to one person and 
around here there is more than one person doing this so the use of osm
as "a notepad" enables significant collaboration too.

However, I can also understand why many people don't see the point with 
the actual signs :-) ...and the quality of the signage might be area 


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