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Thu Jul 11 22:06:46 UTC 2013

> In the UK, the most common weight restriction is '7.5t except for

Which doesn't answer the question, so I had to do some digging: no sources seem to mention any traffic signs in the UK that would limit the actual laden weight - only the what's-in-the-papers-maximum is used. Which seems strange, since the signs even refer to goods vehicles only, but a weak bridge does not care what sort of a too heavy vehicle is about to cross said bridge.

> surely its simply a
hgv tag, or a maxweight tag

Just yesterday I found a nice example bridge (far away from where I usually roam) with all sorts of weight limits (I can only later try to extract the video frame(s) with the signs). At the previous intersection there was a sign (freely translated as) "no entry for goods vehicles with a maximum mass of over 3.5 tonnes". That does not affect for example buses at all. Right after that, there were signs "maximum axle load 8 tonnes" and "maximum bogie load 13 tonnes". Then, just before the old bridge, there was a sign "no entry for vehicle combinations of over 32 tonnes laden mass".


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