[Tagging] Observations on use of the diet: tag

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 1 15:32:08 UTC 2013

Am 26.06.2013 02:29, schrieb Murry McEntire:
> As part of the shop=bakery,bread_bakery,confectionery proposal voting,
> several have commented that the diet:<diet_type>=* tag should be used
> instead of <diet_type>=* tag  (e.g., diet:gluten_free=* instead of
> gluten_free=*. Since the diet:<diet_type> did previously pass a formal
> vote, I'm inclined to listen but the case would be more convincing if
> the amenity=restaurant didn't list gluten_free=*, lactose_free=*,
> organic=* (as well as the diet=* tag) and if the diet=* web page listed
> diet:lactose_free and diet:organic as options.  The restaurant page may
> explain why gluten_free=* is used more than diet:gluten_free=* in OSM
> (52 vs. 35).
> Is organic part of the diet: tag or does it stand alone?
> If tags are added to diet=*, I believe lactose_free is in common use
> whereas lacto_free is not so much. Also consider that a product made
> with lactose removed dairy would accurately be lactose_free but not
> lacto_free. Lactose content, not dairy origin,  is the important tag for
> those with lactose intolerance. Is Lactofree being a brand name any
> reason to avoid likenesses (lacto_free) in OSM tags?
> I've got my hands full with my proposal (and Colorado fire area
> mapping), so someone else should straighten out use of the diet: tag on
> the wiki.

* I did add diet:gluten_free= to all objects with gluten_free=.
* I did add diet:lacto_free=* and diet:lactose_free=*
* I did add links to diet from both pages and moved both under the
proposal namespace and marked both for deletion
 * Maybe we could delete lactose_free=* right away as its usage is zero.

Anything else todo ?


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