[Tagging] Double and misfitting house numbers

Tobias cra_klinrain at gmx.de
Thu Jul 18 13:20:23 UTC 2013

There are two things concerning house numbers, I do not know how to tag


1. Double house numbers: I want to tag the house number 101 of a shop.
The building in which the romms of the shop are located has the house
numbers 97,99,101,103,105,107,109. The house numbers of the building are
either tagged on the entrances each or on the building-way (here:
addr:housenumber=97,99,101,103,105,107,109) since the association to the
entrances is unknown.

Because there are several shops with the same house number, there would
be several nodes or ways with the same house number. And only one is
concerning the building/entrance.

For those who would like to have an example from the real world - here
it is:

I assume that it is not a clean solution to add addr:housenumber to each
shop, because it would be harder to identify house number errors.
Another thing is that renderers are double-rendering those house numbers
(which is better than the opposite) and since some rooms are added to a
building (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:addr), house numbers
are there not only twice.

I could imagine two solutions:
- Creating a house number relation (but there are too few editors able
to edit relations)
- Defining a tagging scheme for shops which is like contact:housenumber.


2. Misfitting house numbers: I want to tag a shop which is situated in
two buildings. One is only concerning the shop (house number 16) and the
other (house number 14) is also concerning flats. The shop has the
address 14-16 which means that none of the building addresses is fitting
the shop address. Hence I would have to add addr:housenumber=14-16 which
is like above in a way a double housenumber-tagging.

Here is the link to the example:

Solutions could be also as above.


Would you agree on double tagging house numbers (e.g. addind
addr:housenumber for each shop) or should we define another tagging
which would be used for those buildings only where the housenumber
cannot be obtained ambiguously from the building way or entrance node?

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