[Tagging] new tagging scheme for detailed information.

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Tue Jul 23 15:15:36 UTC 2013

On 23.07.2013 07:38, amrit karmacharya wrote:
> Over the last several months, we have mapped all the 
> We are now trying to upload these information in OSM. When we check at the OSM wikis, we find tags do not already exist for all our data. For example, tags do not exist for building structure type, column size, seismic resistance, bays. We have developed our own tagging guidelines for these and other data. We would like these tags to be reviewed by the community so that we can post it in the wiki. This will help to maintain an international standard while tagging these data.
> Attached ia a file which lists the k-v pairs we will use. it is structures like a preset format.

There are some aspects of your tagging that do not match accepted OSM

- keys and values (except free-form values such as names) should be in
lower case, so "yes" should be used instead of "Yes", "wood" instead of
"Wood" and so on
- avoid abbreviations that are not self-explanatory. For example, I
don't know what "OT" means
- we do not usually use a "NA" value; instead we omit the tag

There are also several overlaps with established tags as listed in a
previous mail by Janko, so please use the existing ones where possible.

Overall, I think it is very unlikely that a lot of your new tags will
get much use by anyone except yourselves. They are tailored too closely
to your own needs or are too vague. For example, things like
building:condition=average are subjective and will probably not be used
consistently, if at all.

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