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First say that I appreciate your proposal for improve the tagging of paths, is
one of my interests too. I immediately understood what are you saying with
«cul de sac» (I'm catalan!), and I take this opportunity to say that "cul
de sac" path of Gavernie is fantastic and highly recommended path ;)

I think that unfortunately the key tracktype=* is more used simply because
it's rendered in OSM map. I'm not sure if is a good key... I frequently
have serious problems to decide the grade of a track, and I see in your
proposal many similarities with the concept of this key...

I understand your proposal, but I prefer the keys that show us more
information about the path. I also think that grades can be used depending
on subjective criteria very different and increase

I'm sure that if keys like trail_visibility=*, smoothness=*, sac_scale=* or
obstacle=* were rendered in the map would increase their use, and would
increase the information of the paths. Perhaps the paths in forests -for
example- could be rendered with more information, like in cities, where you
can see more information: shops, bollards, traffic lights, trees, etc..
with some icons.

The nodes could be rendered with a icon, and the ways with an icon in the
beginning  and another icon when the value ends (for example, one icon in
the beginning of trail_visibility=bad and in the final of this value).

On the other hand, I find interesting the idea to say where the paths lead
us. Perhaps the solution could be something similar to



2013/2/25 Balaitous <balaitous at mailoo.org>

> Hi,
> I have wrote a proposition of classification for path.
> You can see it at :
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/pathtype
> Balaitous
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