[Tagging] Proposition for a classification of path

Balaitous balaitous at mailoo.org
Fri Mar 1 23:09:06 UTC 2013

Hola, estas un vecino, vivo en Toulouse !
Discúlpame, solo entiendo el español, no entiendo el catalan.

More generally, I think there is a problem with path tagging, and we
must work about new propositions before voting anything.
The actual set of tags does not adequately describe paths.

* A proposition for markup.
I think something like

* There is a proposition for obstacle

* A proposition introducing new values for width tag.
width=1 poeple 
width=2 poeple (when 2 persons can walk side by side)
width= >2 poeple

* A proposition for a new extended scale for sac_scale tag : The actual
scale is only relevant for mountain hiking trail.

* A new proposition for smoothness : Current definitions are not
relevant for paths. Currently it is for "Provide a classification scheme
regarding the physical usability of a way for WHEELED VEHICLES"
Or a path is a way where WHEELED VEHICLES can't go !!!
It must be adapted, by a new scale ?

But I disagree about subjectivity. I think it is also informative. The
aim of OSM is that every one map the places he know. The judgement he
can made about the signifiance of a path is as important as purely
physical characteristic.


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