[Tagging] Wikidata tag

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 18:17:48 UTC 2013

2013/3/1 Janko Mihelić <janjko at gmail.com>:
> The problem I have with this is that it gives you the VAT number of the
> company that got to use the franchise. That means one number for each
> country (maybe more in some countries?)

there will be many numbers, yes.

> This again makes it hard to find all
> McDonald's in the World. A data consumer has to do some research for each
> franchise he wants to list.

it will answer the question who operates them. For grouping them you
can look for brand, name, operator, and maybe more tags if you want to
find them all, I prefer brand in this case.

> Wikidatas Mc'Donalds is about the company you have to buy the franchise
> from. So why isn't franchise:wikidata=Q38076 enough? I think it's as
> accurate and simple as it can get.

if its operated by the main company it's no franchise.


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