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Sun Mar 3 07:54:11 UTC 2013

I would simply use zone=1, zone=2 or zone=1;2 on them. That's how it's done
in Belgium and The Netherlands. Although we don't have overlapping zones.
The rules (which change every so many years) in Flanders, the northern part
of Belgium, are: travelling through 1 or 2 zones has one tariff, and
travelling through more than 2 has another. Which tariff depends on whether
you buy the ticket with the driver, or in advance. When buying a ticket by
sending a text message with a cell phone, the zones are not relevant, only
travelling duration...

If you happen to need the zone tag for something else on your stops, you
could use zone:ptv, but it seems better to add operator=ptv or operator=PT



2013/3/3 Steve Bennett <stevagewp at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
>   I don't see any wiki documentation on public transport zones: that
> is, how to tag that station X is in zone 3, station Y is in zone 2,
> for systems where the price of a ticket depends on the zones
> travelled.
> For example, in Melbourne, there are two zones. Some train stations
> are in zone 1, some in 2, and some in the 1+2 overlap. Travelling from
> 1+2 to 2 only requires a zone 2 ticket, which is cheaper than a zone 1
> ticket. Travelling from 1 to 2 requires a 1&2 ticket, which is the
> most expensive.
> Any recommended tags? Otherwise, I was thinking of something like:
> ptv:zone1=yes
> ptv:zone2=yes
> or maybe:
> ptv:zone=1
> ptv:zone=1+2
> (PTV is Public Transport Victoria...)
> Steve
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