[Tagging] fire_hydrant extensions proposal

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Sat Mar 9 19:07:12 UTC 2013

i've started drafting a proposal for some tags to extend the 
fire_hydrant tagging system.
i have a question for the non-US mappers...

in the US, the American Water Works Association has a classification 
system dividing
hydrants into 4 groups based on their flow capacity (e.g., class AA is 
output greater
than 1,500 gallons per second.) is there any equivalent in other parts 
of the world that
should be factored into the tagging scheme?

for the US, GPS is the normal flow capacity unit. i presume that liters 
per second is the
norm elsewhere. correct?

for the US, water mains are specified in inches. i presume that 
centimeter is the correct
unit elsewhere. correct?


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