[Tagging] Address and street name inside a private housing estate

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Tue Mar 26 13:36:17 UTC 2013

On 3/26/13 9:13 AM, Pieren wrote:
> Dear the list,
> In France, we have some private housing estates where the streets are
> not named and the adresses are the housing estate name itself. For
> instance, the housing estate is called "Lotissement Les Jardins de
> Tisca". The streets inside the etate are private access and are not
> officially named. I guess something we can find in many countries.
> One of our contributor wants to keep the streets unnamed and put on
> houses addresses the following tags : "addr:housenumber" with the
> house number and "addr:street" with the housing estate name.
i'm not sure what the correct answer is, but there will be issues with
some of the GPS/Routing solutions. i don't think either OsmAnd or
mkgmap will handle this in their current form. i note in particular
that both expect to see addresses tied to locations on streets in some
form, and there's a fair amount of address processing involved to get
to this.

so maybe you also need to use an associated street relation (fragile as
they are) to show the street that the addresses are attached to.
OsmAnd processes these, i'm not sure if mkgmap does.


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