[Tagging] Tagging Digest, Vol 42, Issue 26 Historic huts

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 13:21:09 UTC 2013

2013/3/27 St Niklaas <st.niklaas at live.nl>:
> Since the hut is situated in Australia, why name it Alpine hut ? I always
> thought the Alps to be a European mountain range. In rural uninhabited areas
> there will be shelters like it all over the world.

well, the alps are in Europe, no doubt, but that doesn't necessarily
mean that "alpine hut" isn't a prototype that could be found also
outside the alps (and therefor the tag might be useful also outside
the alps). Not sure what exactly the OSM definition for an "alpine
hut" is, especially as there were some modifications to this page last
year which now state that the hut must be "managed during the opening
period" (not true for some place I know of, which I would nonetheless
classify as alpine_hut).


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