[Tagging] pk vs kp on *=milestone and default unit?

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Thu May 16 15:09:51 UTC 2013

fly wrote:
> There was a ticket [1] filled on josm trac about milestones.
> Now I am a bit puzzled as the tag pk= seems to be Frensh and should be
> kp=* in English. This is even written in the wiki. Though the usage is
> 100:1 towards pk=*.

Where (outside of OSM) is "kp=" used on a road distance indicator?

I've never heard of it in English English.  In American English there's 
"mile number" which is used to refer to the area at a certain distance 
from X, not a physical marker (do they use "mile marker" for that?  I 
think they might).  There's one use of "kp=" in the UK, apparently:


which is here:


I'm guessing from it's location that that one is an actual "milestone" 
(i.e. made of stone) whereas the picture on the wiki page


most certainly is not.  That wiki page reckons that an actual milestone 
rather than a distance marker is a "historic=milestone" rather than a 
"highway=milestone", apparently.

Obviously OSM English != any variety of spoken English, but I wonder 
what highway distance markers in the UK, USA, Australia etc. are tagged as?


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