[Tagging] Fast Food Restaurants

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Tue May 28 23:22:55 UTC 2013

"Brian Wolford // HOT" <brian.wolford at hotosm.org> writes:

> I often differentiate fast_food as "counter service" and restaurant as "sit
> down with a menu and order from a waiter" service.

I basically agree, but there's also an intermediate "order at counter,
have someone bring it to you".  But the key point (here I'm veering into
subjective, I know) is that fast_food implies that the food may be
prepared in advance of you asking for it, generally is shipped in bulk
to the restaurant, and is looked down on as factory food.  If you order
at a counter at a non-chain and they use identifiable ingredients and
cook in ways someone born in 1880 would find respectable, it's probably
"cafe", even if it's fast.

The really difficult case is Panera....

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