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Brian Wolford // HOT brian.wolford at hotosm.org
Tue May 28 23:32:02 UTC 2013

Hehe. As a former Panera employee I would say that the food is indeed
shipped in bulk in factory fashion. (frozen gallon bag of soup anyone?) ;-)

For me Panera would be fast_food or cafe, depending on the mappers
On May 28, 2013 7:22 PM, "Greg Troxel" <gdt at ir.bbn.com> wrote:

> "Brian Wolford // HOT" <brian.wolford at hotosm.org> writes:
> > I often differentiate fast_food as "counter service" and restaurant as
> "sit
> > down with a menu and order from a waiter" service.
> I basically agree, but there's also an intermediate "order at counter,
> have someone bring it to you".  But the key point (here I'm veering into
> subjective, I know) is that fast_food implies that the food may be
> prepared in advance of you asking for it, generally is shipped in bulk
> to the restaurant, and is looked down on as factory food.  If you order
> at a counter at a non-chain and they use identifiable ingredients and
> cook in ways someone born in 1880 would find respectable, it's probably
> "cafe", even if it's fast.
> The really difficult case is Panera....
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