[Tagging] Feature proposal - Power transmission refinement - Rejected

François Lacombe francois.lacombe at telecom-bretagne.eu
Fri Nov 1 18:08:54 UTC 2013


The voting period came to an end this afternoon for the power transmission
refinement and this proposal was rejected.

It's not actually a "bad" new due to the huge amount of feedback given
during the vote and I would like to thank everyone who takes time to

As some of protagonist suggested, work should keep going on this.
If everyone agree, this proposal should be took back to "RFC" status
instead of "rejected" (means dustbin here) with updates according to vote

Two major problems has been enlightened :
- Voltage tag
- Tags deprecation without "good reasons".

Regarding voltage tag, it's first of all a lack of description and
consistency with the substation refinement proposal. I will rewrite this.

And if we work on voltage description, we should prevent us from using
values with implicit voltage thresholds, like minor_line vs line.
IMHO here is a good reason to deprecate minor_line (and minor_cable,
minor_underground_cable...) : voltage threshold isn't well defined and for
now everyone is free to choose the value he want which is not a good way to
map, especially for render considerations.

Finally I'm ok to remove power=cable deprecation, model can be consistent
without it.

Let me know how do feel about that.


*François Lacombe*

francois dot lacombe At telecom-bretagne dot eu
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