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Gilbert Hangartner kuessemondtaeglich at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 13:31:38 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I wrote a proposal to correctly tag "Crèches" or "Childcare-centres" or "Daycare-centrers" or "Kindertagesstätte". Thank you in advance for your comments and thoughts.


A crèche is an institution who takes care of a child during the day, normally on a daily basis, including meals, playing activities and outdoor activities. A crèche is more a place to live than a place to learn, so it's not a pre-school, even if some educational activities might be present. A crèche is not an after-school for older children already visiting a school or a Kindergarten, even tough there a crèches where children are allowed to stay when they grow up for one or two years after they entered kindergarten/primary school and use it as an after-school, even if it's not.
The service is known as child care center in the United Kingdom and Australia and day care center in North America . In german speaking countries it is known asKindertagesstätte or "Kita" or Hort (mainly Austria).

It seems to be relevant enough to do a proper tagging, currently, there are about 2000 crèches in Switzerland, and their number is quickly growing. I do not know about Germany and Austria, but I suppose the numbers being there important as well. Another reason: Knowing where crèches are located is an important information. Some use-cases:
I'm looking for an apartment. The choice will depend on available crèches in the surroundings. So having a quick overview where they are and getting contact information based on geolocalisation is important.
Grandmothers and godfathers who occasionally pick up the kid need driving instructions
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