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2013/11/3 Matthijs Melissen <info at matthijsmelissen.nl>

> Do these kind of shops also exist in other countries, and how are they
> referred to? Which of the products that I listed do they sell?

There is surely some overlap between countries, but there are also country
specific specialties. A shop which sells this kind of stuff in Germany
could also be a petrol station. In Italy a shop=tobacco might also sell
salt (traditionally salt was a state monopoly), but won't sell books
generally. Bus tickets will mostly be sold, concert tickets I'm not sure,
but they will also do some kind of banking operations (you can pay e.g.
your rent or your electricity bill there). As for postal stamps I wouldn't
count on them, they might have some of the most used fractions, but very
often they'd say they've run out. They also won't sell magazines or
newspapers by default, but there are some (combined shops) that do. Often
they are inside a bar and will therefor sell coffee, liquors, sandwiches,
etc. Besides from these tobacco - bars a tobacco shop won't offer drinks.

Lotto is a different issue, in Germany the common couple is a newspaper
agent offering wasting your money on lottery.

Given that already inside a certain country there are huge differences
between "these kind of shops". I'd think it is almost impossible to do it
on an international level. E.g. some shop=tobacco are specialized in
tobacco and offer a huge selection of cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco,
cigarette rolling tobacco etc., while others not even offer rolling tobacco
but only a small selection of cigarettes and maybe one or two common cigar

I won't deduct from the shop type what exactly is the offering, either we
had to make specific subtypes (e.g. tobacco bar, tobacco + newspapers, even
tobacco and pastry/bread) or express this with additional attributes in the
form of sell:tobacco=yes, sell:icecream=yes, lotto=yes (or "sells" for
grammatical reasons, but the sell:* form seems more common currently).

In conclusion to your original question I'd say that this is not one kind
of shop, but there are different kind of shops in different countries,
offering overlapping goods and services.

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