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2013/11/3 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>

> 2013/11/3 Matthijs Melissen <info at matthijsmelissen.nl>
>> Do these kind of shops also exist in other countries, and how are they
>> referred to? Which of the products that I listed do they sell?
> There is surely some overlap between countries, but there are also country
> specific specialties. A shop which sells this kind of stuff in Germany
> could also be a petrol station. In Italy a shop=tobacco might also sell
> salt (traditionally salt was a state monopoly), but won't sell books
> generally. Bus tickets will mostly be sold, concert tickets I'm not sure,
> but they will also do some kind of banking operations (you can pay e.g.
> your rent or your electricity bill there). As for postal stamps I wouldn't
> count on them, they might have some of the most used fractions, but very
> often they'd say they've run out. They also won't sell magazines or
> newspapers by default, but there are some (combined shops) that do. Often
> they are inside a bar and will therefor sell coffee, liquors, sandwiches,
> etc. Besides from these tobacco - bars a tobacco shop won't offer drinks.
> Lotto is a different issue, in Germany the common couple is a newspaper
> agent offering wasting your money on lottery.
> Given that already inside a certain country there are huge differences
> between "these kind of shops". I'd think it is almost impossible to do it
> on an international level. E.g. some shop=tobacco are specialized in
> tobacco and offer a huge selection of cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco,
> cigarette rolling tobacco etc., while others not even offer rolling tobacco
> but only a small selection of cigarettes and maybe one or two common cigar
> types.
> I won't deduct from the shop type what exactly is the offering, either we
> had to make specific subtypes (e.g. tobacco bar, tobacco + newspapers, even
> tobacco and pastry/bread) or express this with additional attributes in the
> form of sell:tobacco=yes, sell:icecream=yes, lotto=yes (or "sells" for
> grammatical reasons, but the sell:* form seems more common currently).
> In conclusion to your original question I'd say that this is not one kind
> of shop, but there are different kind of shops in different countries,
> offering overlapping goods and services.
I'm adding some things here..
We could use vending=* as for vending machines.

I'm mapping as kiosk when there's more items from the list,
shop=tobacco when it's a proper "tabacchino" or "tabaccaio" (outside has a
black and white sign with the reference code from the Italian Monopoli),
shop=newsagent when sells exclusively newspapers and magazines or it's a
standalone kiosk with mostly newspapers
for tickets I'd like something like office=tickets (so we'll catch also the
place vending tickets outside a museum).

In Italy through lotto (only the most recent machines) you could pay bills,
taxes and other services.

> cheers,
> Martin
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