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2013/11/4 Gilbert Hangartner <kuessemondtaeglich at gmail.com>

> 2) difference between nursery/crèche/childcare -- vs. --
> kindergarten/pre-school:
> * age: starting from 2 months -- vs. -- 3 years (UK), 4 years  (Germany),
> 5 years (Switzerland)

In Germany there is no such institution with the name
"nursery/crèche/childcare", there is a "Kinderkrippe" and "Kindergarten"
and "Tageskindergarten" and "Kindertagesstätte" (or "Kita") and "Vorschule"
and "Kinderhort" (or "Schulhort", "Hort", "Schülerhort") and "Spielgruppe",
main differences are age and opening hours. Some institutions might also
combine several services in the same place (but probably different groups).
AFAIK the starting age for a Kindergarten is 2-3 years, since recently
there is a legally guaranteed (though effectively not available in some
cases) place in a public Kindergarten for all children from 3 on.

A quite important distinction for who put his kids somewhere is that of
ideology/education system (public vs. religious vs. anthroposophian and
maybe more --- haven't heard of any satanic kindergarten yet though). The
religious aspects can be tagged with the well known tags religion=* and
denomination=*, not sure for the other "non formally religious" ideologic

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