[Tagging] New feature: amenity=creche

Gilbert Hangartner kuessemondtaeglich at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 12:47:34 UTC 2013

Thanks Pieren!

1) keyvalue = nursery:
I agree that nursery seems to match "crèche". And it has no special character. This would maybe be good.

I did a search for several keywords before choosing crèche, but I did not think of nursery. I'm just wondering where they are, and what they really map (I could find only 5 of them in Switzerland and they mapped exactly "crèche". The 3 I found in Germany around Karlruhe are probably an childcare in a sense of a after-school, and 5 in Bruxelles, Belgium are probably also crèches.  I did not find none of them in any other major city I checked around Europe and the World - Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Moskau, London, NewYork, LosAngeles, Rio de Janeiro, Melbourne, .... How can I find them all???)

2) difference between nursery/crèche/childcare -- vs. -- kindergarten/pre-school:

* age: starting from 2 months -- vs. -- 3 years (UK), 4 years  (Germany), 5 years (Switzerland)
* time: whole day -- vs. -- some hours / only the morning
* scope:  "Life" - e.g. eating, going outdoor  -- vs. -- structured playing, educational activities.

Thanks, nounours

Am 04.11.2013 um 11:28 schrieb Pieren:

> On Sun, Nov 3, 2013 at 3:04 PM, Philip Barnes <phil at trigpoint.me.uk> wrote:
>> My understanding, as a native UK English speaker, is that a nursery is
>> somewhere that a child attends regularly, a pre-school type place. A
>> creche is somewhere that looks after young children for occasional
>> short-term periods, such as in a shopping centre or a university.
> What is called a "crèche" in French is your nursery. Btw, we already
> find ~400 amenity=nursery in taginfo. And what is the difference
> between "nursery" and "kindergarten" ? age ?
> Pieren
> nb : we should really avoid special chars in standised tags. Think
> that not every keyboard provides an easy access to "è" like yours and
> not everyone is working exclusively with presets. It would be the same
> concern with Cyrillic or Chinese characters...
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