[Tagging] "Feature Proposal - RFC - bicycle=use_cycleway

Pee Wee piewie32 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 18:16:30 UTC 2013

Together with user Masimaster I've made a proposal for a new tag to improve
bicycle routing. I think (and hope) the wiki is clear enough but I’ll say a
few words about this new tag.

The tag <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bicycle_use_cycleway> is
introduced to separate 2 kinds of roads where you are not supposed to ride
your bike.

The first is a road with a traffic sign (bicycle icon with red edge) that
makes clear it is forbidden to ride a bicycle . (common tag: bicycle=no)

The second is a road that has a parallel compulsory cycleway but does not
have the bicycle forbidden sign.  On this type of road you’re not supposed
to ride your bike but there are exeptions.

Legally  these 2 roads are not the same. For example.. in NL some 3
wheel  bicycles
with certain measurements are allowed to ride the second type of road.  In
other countries there is also a legal difference. For this reason we
propose this new tag.


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