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On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 2:06 AM, François Lacombe <
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> That's actually very nice !
>> Its a man_made=MDF (Main Distribution Frame) - ONKZ is the area code
>> which is variable length in Germany and we have approx. ~6000 of them.
>> A CO/MDF in Germany will be identified through their Area-Code ONKZ
>> and the ASB (Anschlussbereich) which is a segment of that area code.
> In my mind, MDF is only a functional part of a central office (like
> switches, DSLAM, power supplies). *We shouldn't summarize the building
> itself to a part inside it*, should you ?
>> But i'd favour a group of "telecomunication" based tags. There is more
>> to be mapped e.g. what we call Kabelverzweiger (Kvz)
> Ok for me, but let's be careful with security and industrial privacy, as
> usual in OSM.

The pictures in the wikipedia article were not what we call MDF in North
America. I believe they go my a number of different names. I'll ask one of
my friends that worked out doors what they are called.

> Before starting using it at a large scale : should we use telecom=* or
> telecom*S*=* ?
I'd go with telecom. Also called telco, but that term fortunately hasn't
been tagged.

> Then, it seems we can still use "central_office" for such buildings, but :
> - Should we add services it provides ? (DSL,Cable TV,telephone...)

I don't think you can. Basically a central office provides many services.
Small ones might exist that only provide pots and could be tagged as such.
But most CO provide dsl, pots, etc.

> - How would we distinguish a copper central office from optical or coax
> ones ? Be careful, a copper one can be an optic one or coax one too.

I don't think you can. It would have to be an imported source of data. Then
you have the problem of keeping it current.


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