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Manuel Hohmann mhohmann at physnet.uni-hamburg.de
Tue Nov 26 11:28:49 UTC 2013

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> You are "cheating" here, the voting period finished at 23
> November, and by the 14th of November all 18 no-votes had already
> been cast, leading with this apparently clear rejection to
> desinterest by other potential rejecters. You are now counting
> post-voting-votes on the yes side in order to obfuscate the actual
> result. This proposal was rejected according to our rules and I now
> set it to rejected in the wiki.

Just in case you did not get it the first time:

- - The 14th of November does not have any relevance here - there is no
counting of votes somewhere in the middle of voting.

- - Everyone has been free to vote, no matter the current vote count. If
someone does vote against the proposal, his vote cannot be counted.

- - At the end of the voting period there were 18 yes, 18 no and one
partial yes. If this in in any way a "clear" result, then it is a draw.

- - Comments indicate that the dominant reason for opposing was
deprecating highway=street_lamp, not the additional / new tags of the

- - The positive votes, further comments and the fact that even after
the official voting period someone handed in another positive vote
indicate clear interest in this proposal, or at least into its
continuing development.

- - For the aforementioned reasons, this proposal is further being
worked on. I therefore set it to "proposed", and I did this for a reason.

- - I am not "obfuscating" anything, I am stating facts, and these can
be found in the wiki.

I hope this is finally clarified. Your opposing vote has been counted,
the reasons you have given were taken into account and have been
commented on. If you would like to further contribute, feel free to
reply to these comments, or make further suggestions, or feel free to
create your own proposal. I will continue working on this one, and
take into account any constructive criticism or other contributions,
including the received comments during voting, from anyone who is
interested in contributing.
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