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Eckhart Wörner ewoerner at kde.org
Thu Nov 28 19:45:17 UTC 2013

Hi André,

Am Donnerstag, 28. November 2013, 16:15:39 schrieb André Pirard:
> So, I thought that this fuzzy matter had to be be solved by writing a
> simple syntax diagram. Should anything be wrong in it, someone would put
> it right and it would be a good job jobbed and a big step forward.

If you add wrong information in the most prominent spot in a very popular article, one can expect two outcomes:
(1) someone might correct the mistake
(2) people start tagging the wrong way
In the last two months, only (2) happened.

> And now, probably in thanks for my contribution, my diagram was adorned
> with this:
> Warning <http://wiki.osm.org/wiki/File:Ambox_warning_pn.svg>
> 	The syntax diagram below had no proper discussion and vote, and
> conflicts with established tagging. *Don't use it!*

Yes, that was me, in reaction to (2).

> It is obviously something very difficult to understand that a diagram
> translating an article needs no discussion nor vote but needs to be
> corrected to align with the obscure explanations by their gurus.  Else,
> it's the article itself that suffers from lack of discussion and vote.
> That remark still doesn't say what's wrong in the diagram.

Okay, here is a (probably incomplete) list:
- "open" and "closed" appear to be some new invention
- the meaning of "off" is wrong
- daily, weekly, monthly don't exist in that form. It is perfectly valid to combine them, e.g.
  Apr-Oct Mo-Fr 07:00-20:00

> I know that the diagram is wrong […]

…and you don't mind that mappers follow the wrong diagram?


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