[Tagging] Hiking route abandoned

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Thu Oct 3 04:43:12 UTC 2013

In the case of a trail the landowner is actively trying to erase, I'll
often draw the trail into osm, tag it discouragingly, and put barrier nodes
at each end.  Across a wide variety of map rendering, this has a chance of
communicating the intent of non-use.

The downside of omitting, removing, or disusing the trail is that someone
might physically see what's left and simply assume it's an unmapped route.


In rock climbing routes, the entire route is graded according to the
hardest move.

Perhaps in the case of unmaintained (but legally open) trails, one could
tag (and thus render) the trail condition based on the least passable
section.  The utility of the route reduces to the ability to get over the
(landslide, muddy part, weeds, washed out bridge).
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