[Tagging] Consolidating tags for building attributes

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 10:06:26 UTC 2013

2013/10/8 Pieren <pieren3 at gmail.com>

> Yep but ... buildings with dedicated wikipedia articles or names are
> the exception. There is also a disadvantage to draw the same polygon
> twice : most of the contributors will not see both but only the one
> selected with the first mouse clic. Don't change the main stream for
> exceptions.

well, it isn't an exception that a building is something different than who
occupies and uses it. I am not advocating overlapping ways, my suggestion
is to use a multipolygon relation. I have changed my own mapping
accordingly after I got aware that it is a better mapping style, but I used
to add myself amenity and other stuff to the building outline, and I still
do it sometimes in cases I think are not problematic (e.g. supermarkets),
at least as long as this doesn't create ambiguities (i.e. there are so few
tags that it doesn't matter).

There are also other situations where it seems fortunate not to reuse the
way for different features but to use a relation, e.g. fenced stuff (way
with barrier=fence and relation for the polygon inscribed) or islands (way
with natural=coastline and relation with place=island (or natural=island if
you think that place should be reseved to human settlements)).

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