[Tagging] Usefulness of bicycle=dismount on ways

Frank Little frankosm at xs4all.nl
Thu Oct 10 17:30:25 UTC 2013

It is no longer clear to me what is being proposed since two different 
situations are involved.

1. There are situations where there are signs telling a cyclist to 
dismount. He/she can continue on the way, pushing the bike.
To tag these situations the current solution is to tag 
The original question was: "is it an 'official' sign?" The answer seems 
to be, yes, in some jurisdictions (e.g. the UK).
We also have a similar sign in the Netherlands (although the legal 
status is not entirely clear).
Where there is a sign (and only in those situations), it makes sense to 
tag it accordingly. So there is no reason to "deprecate" the tag.
Possibly other tagging solutions need to be found where there is no 
explicit signage but there are general rules (e.g. in Italy).

2. A different situation is where a cyclist is explicitly forbidden to 
push the bike (e.g. through a pedestrian area) after dismounting.
The assumption is that a cyclist pushing a bike is to be treated as a 
pedestrian, and may normally use a sidewalk, pedestrian zone, etc.
Where that is not allowed, we need a different tag.
I don't like bicycle:dismount=no since it suggests to me that you do not 
have to dismount.
(On pragmatic grounds, I wouldn't tag this anyway because I don't expect 
routers to use highway=footway or area=pedestrian for bicycle routing.)

>On 10.10.2013 16:28, fly wrote
> +1 for a separate tag and deprecating  bicycle=dismount
> On 08.10.2013 18:46, Tod Fitch wrote:
>> Would bicycle:dismount be better than bicycle_dismount? Seems like 
>> that
>> would be more in keeping with current key naming conventions.
> The convention did change a bit by time and now ":" is more common 
> than
> "_" but at the end it does not really matter.
>> "Janko Mihelić" <janjko at gmail.com> wrote:
>>     I think dismount should be a key, not a value - 
>> bicycle_dismount=yes/no.
>>     On a typical sidewalk we have bicycle=no + bicycle_dismount=yes.
>>     On some pedestrian streets in Netherlands we have bicycle=no +
>>     bicycle_dismount=no
>>     When bicycle_dismount is not tagged, it is the same as foot=*.
>>     Bicycle=dismount is the same as bicycle=no + 
>> bicycle_dismount=yes.
> +1
> cu fly

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