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Frank Little frankosm at xs4all.nl
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That depends where you are located, Mike. The rules in Germany, for 
example, are different from the Netherlands.
Martin's statement is not necessarily true in the Netherlands (and 
perhaps that is where the confusion begins).

In the Netherlands, the law states:
pedestrians use the sidewalk; if there is none, they use the cycleway; 
if there is none, they use the (side of the) road.
Cycleways in the Netherlands are not signed separately for pedestrian 

There are three categories of cycleway, one only for bicycles, one for 
bicycles and lightest category of mopeds (OSM: mofa), one where the 
other category of mopeds is also allowed.
All three have a different sign. (The bicycle | pedestrians signs are 
not used at all.)
It is not compulsory to use the first kind, the other two are compulsory 
(you are not allowed to cycle on the adjacent road).
Whether you have to use the road instead of the cycleway with a heavy 
class moped depends on the signs.
In general, the heavier class moped in the Netherlands must use the road 
in the built-up area, but not always.

The general traffic regulations say that if you push your bicycle, you 
follow the traffic rules for pedestrians.
This also applies to mopeds (both classes) and motorbikes: if you push 
it, you follow the rules for pedestrians.
You do not become a pedestrian: your moped / motorbike needs a license 
plate and road insurance.
And you need an appropriate driving license (for a moped/motorbike), 
although you do not need to wear your helmet.

If your bike breaks down and you push it  and there is no sidewalk, you 
behave as if you were a pedestrian and stay on the cycleway.
In the Netherlands.
(Other countries may have different rules.)

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> On 10/11/2013 7:17 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> A normal dedicated cycleway doesn't allow you to push your bicycle
>> because pedestrians aren't allowed there
>   I'm not familiar with dedicated cycleways - if you have a breakdown 
> and can't repair, is it required that you walk to the nearest roadway 
> and back home via the roadway instead of the cycleway?
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