[Tagging] Usefulness of bicycle=dismount on ways

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Fri Oct 11 15:27:53 UTC 2013

I do not know many cases of dedicated cycleways without a nearby path or
road in Germany.

On a break down you should get you vehicle out of the way which means
you are allowed to push/carry your bicycle to the next path. Similar
even counts for motorcars which you are allowed to push to a some
parking place on the road.

All along the rules in NL and DE are pretty the same except for
pedestrians on dedicated cycleways.


Am 11.10.2013 14:30, schrieb Frank Little:
> That depends where you are located, Mike. The rules in Germany, for
> example, are different from the Netherlands.
> Martin's statement is not necessarily true in the Netherlands (and
> perhaps that is where the confusion begins).
> In the Netherlands, the law states:
> pedestrians use the sidewalk; if there is none, they use the cycleway;
> if there is none, they use the (side of the) road.
> Cycleways in the Netherlands are not signed separately for pedestrian use.
> There are three categories of cycleway, one only for bicycles, one for
> bicycles and lightest category of mopeds (OSM: mofa), one where the
> other category of mopeds is also allowed.
> All three have a different sign. (The bicycle | pedestrians signs are
> not used at all.)
> It is not compulsory to use the first kind, the other two are compulsory
> (you are not allowed to cycle on the adjacent road).
> Whether you have to use the road instead of the cycleway with a heavy
> class moped depends on the signs.
> In general, the heavier class moped in the Netherlands must use the road
> in the built-up area, but not always.
> The general traffic regulations say that if you push your bicycle, you
> follow the traffic rules for pedestrians.
> This also applies to mopeds (both classes) and motorbikes: if you push
> it, you follow the rules for pedestrians.
> You do not become a pedestrian: your moped / motorbike needs a license
> plate and road insurance.
> And you need an appropriate driving license (for a moped/motorbike),
> although you do not need to wear your helmet.
> If your bike breaks down and you push it  and there is no sidewalk, you
> behave as if you were a pedestrian and stay on the cycleway.
> In the Netherlands.
> (Other countries may have different rules.)
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>> On 10/11/2013 7:17 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>>> A normal dedicated cycleway doesn't allow you to push your bicycle
>>> because pedestrians aren't allowed there
>>   I'm not familiar with dedicated cycleways - if you have a breakdown
>> and can't repair, is it required that you walk to the nearest roadway
>> and back home via the roadway instead of the cycleway?

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