[Tagging] Usefulness of bicycle=dismount on ways

Jonathan bigfatfrog67 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 12:44:41 UTC 2013

Sorry Dan, but bicycle=no means no cycling, pushing a bike is OK. We 
don't have any way of saying you cannot push a bike except by banning 
pedestrians as well.



On 16/10/2013 10:29, Dan S wrote:
> Martin, your statement here is the same as the one which fly used to
> start this thread, and a few of us in the UK have pointed out that
> there is indeed a difference between two situations, both of which
> occur often:
> * cycling AND pushing a cycle are forbidden (which, UK-based, I
> consider bicycle=no)
> * cycling BUT NOT pushing a cycle is forbidden (which, UK-based, I
> consider bicycle=dismount)

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