[Tagging] tourism=guest_house or tourism=bed_and_breakfast ?

Craig Wallace craigw84 at fastmail.fm
Thu Oct 17 11:51:10 UTC 2013

On 2013-10-17 09:52, Pieren wrote:
> Could someone explain the difference between "tourism=guest_house" and
> "tourism=bed_and_breakfast" ?
> Both are suggested here:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:tourism%3Dguest_house
> but only "guest_house" is really documented in the wiki.
> In taginfo, we find 527 "tourism=bed_and_breakfast" and 32382
> "tourism=guest_house" (accidentally, taginfo says "Guest house and
> Bed&Breakfast for "tourism=guest_house")

In UK terms, they are much the same thing. Some places refer to 
themselves as B&Bs, some as guest houses, sometimes both.
Usually a B&B would be smaller, ie one or two rooms, with the owner also 
living in the house, and doing most of the work. Whereas a guesthouse 
may be bigger, more like a hotel, and more staff etc. But I have seen 
plenty of small places calling themselves guesthouses. I don't think 
there is any legal distinction.

So it makes sense to tag both as tourism=guest_house. Plus tag the 
number of rooms/beds to indicate how big it is.

> I'm asking because in France we do have a diffence when guests are in
> an independent building (gîte [1]), usually for at least a week or a
> week-end, or just special bedrooms (bed&breakfast) as "guests" in
> private homes. So, I'm looking if we could reuse the two existing tags
> or if I should create a sub-tag like "tourism=guest_house" +
> "guest_house=bed_and_breakfast" or
> "guest_house=whatever_in_an_independent_building"

If its a separate building (with self-catering), I wouldn't call it a 
guest house. That's more like tourism=chalet.
Though maybe a more generic term for holiday chalets/cottages/apartments 
etc would be good. And some way of distinguishing a single holiday house 
to rent, from a larger 'holiday park'.


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