[Tagging] tourism=guest_house or tourism=bed_and_breakfast ?

Frank Little frankosm at xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 19 20:06:44 UTC 2013

+1 to that. Just returned from a week's stay in a short-let apartment in 
Brussels, which was certainly completely different from the hotels, guest 
houses or bed & breakfast places I could have stayed in (and I chose it 
specifically for that reason). This was a single apartment; I've often stayed 
in an 'aparthotel' but that should also be classed as =apartment not =hotel. 
It would also help to have sub-keys showing the number of apartments and 
whether there is a reception, facilities, etc. These are relevant distinctions 
for someone using the data to search for appropriate accommodation.

I'm not so sure about tourism=* (I was there for work; most short-term 
apartment lets in Brussels are work-related,as was mine.) But since all these 
accommodations are so classed, it will have to do.

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As a humble surveyor and editor I would ask that we have tourism=apartment at 
the first level.  An apartment is quite distinct from a hotel and a 
guest_house and we already separate out these along with motel, hostel and 
chalet at this level.   The only debate for myself would be is at to whether 
it should be tourism=apartment or tourism=apartments.  In many cases you will 
have a number of apartments for rent in a apartment building block but not 
necessarily all.  In which case I presume it would be most appropriate to put 
a node in the building area rather than tagging the building area.  Would you 
therefore need to put in a node for each apartment if it was 



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