[Tagging] cleanup measurement_station / monitoring_station?

Tod Fitch tod at fitchdesign.com
Tue Oct 29 17:21:24 UTC 2013

As an American English speaker, monitoring station seems better than measurement station.


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malenki <osm_ at malenki.ch> wrote:
>At the moment there exist:
>Both for mapping the same kind of objects.
>After three years of coexisting there should be finally a cleanup
>A little about the history of the tags:
>The proposal for man_made=measurement_station was created on 2nd April
>"measurement_station" was created by German user grossing and me
>him a little. Since in German language a lot of stuff regarding weather
>gets "gemessen" so "measured" sounded the best pick.
>The tag page man_made=monitoring_station was created on 20th May 2010,
>its evolution is explained on its talk page.
>Question one:
>What do you think is the better matching name for the tag - 
>monitoring_station or
>Question two:
>After consenting to one tag are there any voices against an automatic
>unifying of the tagging, that is, changing all measurement_station to
>monitoring_station or vice versa?
>Momentarily usage:
>measurement_station: 1 766 times
>monitoring_station: 2 741 times (where 1773 objects seem to come from
>various imports.)
>Either way I would for things monitored/measured stick with the tags
>from monitoring_station. It is better to list them each with a single
>key/value-pair instead of a semicolon separated row.
>But I would not define any settings as default like is done here:
>Your opinions?
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