[Tagging] How to determine the value for admin_level?

amrit karmacharya amrit.im at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 10:38:20 UTC 2013

Looking at the page

admin_level 1 is not used. level 2 is for national boundaries. level 3 is
mostly left out and after 4 it is country specific.

OSMNepal community is standardizing the administrative boundary tags. We
have the following heirarchy.

1) country
2) development regions (total 5)
3) zones (3 in 4 development regions, 2 in 1 development region, total 14)
4) district (4-8 districts in 1 zone, total 75)
5) village and municipality
6) ward

one way is to give them level from 2-7 according to heirarchy. Would this
be an appropriate tagging scheme?
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