[Tagging] How to overcome lack of consensus

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 17:45:11 UTC 2013

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2013/9/16 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>

> The lack of consensus creates several problems. These problems include the
>> following.
>> - Multiple parallel tagging schemes and unclear documentation creates
>> confusion for newcomers.
> +1

> - Users are often advised not to follow the documentation on the wiki, and
>> to look at Taginfo instead. This makes the wiki useless. It also leads to
>> the fact that hardly anybody bothers to edit the wiki anymore.

this is not really working, because you should know what a tag is used for,
not just how often it is used. taginfo alone cannot solve the tagging

> - Multiple tagging schemes creates problems for the implementation of data
>> users (renderers, routers).

if the tags are mere duplicates, it is not a big problem, just more work.
Real problems are ambiguities rising from unclear tagging schemes, and
approximative tagging (people using few tags which are not exact but
similar to what they want to tag).

I think there is nothing wrong with a temporary period in which two tagging
> schemes are used in parallel, but permanent lack of consensus creates
> problems for the community.

not all of these tags you mentioned are actually duplicates, just because
the values are the same doesn't mean the meaning is the same. If you want
to solve ambiguities it would be better to start new threads for every tag
or type of tag and set an appropriate subject.

> - Should we recommend (new) users to follow the wiki, actual usage
>> (Taginfo), or the votings?

you have to use all of them actually.

> - Should we recommend data users and editors to follow the wiki, actual
>> usage (Taginfo), or the votings?

I won't recommend anything for data users, it depends on their scope.

> - Should the wiki be adapted to actual usage (Taginfo) and/or to votings?

usage and meaning are orthogonal, but the wiki does display taginfo
numbers. Don't change the wiki definitions of established tags without
discussion, even less if its a very widespread tag. Many of these edits are
part of the problem.

> - Should we allow automatic edits in simple cases (such as bookmaker
>> versus betting), or leave the process of standardisation to local
>> communities?

local communities. How would you determine which is a simple case?

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