[Tagging] Proposal for new tag: landuse=plot

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Wed Sep 18 10:22:38 UTC 2013

Lukas Hornby wrote:
> In particular defnition seems to be key and I can confirm my 
> definition is from a British perspective.

Which is fine, because OSM uses British English names for things except 
in rare cases.

> Community garden is different in definition, both here and in the US 
> (and elsewhere) but a useful comparison, as the ethos and values are 
> usually similar.

In addition to the UK I've seen allotments in other places in Europe, 
but not in the US - does the concept even exist over there?

In order to see what other mappers have done, I'd be tempted to use 
taginfo <http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/>.  From 
http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/landuse=allotments#overview you 
can use "Overpass Turbo" (the steering wheel to the right of the JOSM 
link) to search for examples of that tag in a particular area. Once you 
found them, you may see how they've been subdivided.

Another possibity would be to ask on the IRC channel #osm-gb - from 
memory I think a couple of people there may have allotments, or possibly 
on the talk-gb list, where you might get more people familiar with the idea.

Generally the OSM approach is "map all the things!" rather than "map 
some of the things, making sure that everything is categorised 
absolutely correctly".  That's not without its problems (as pointed out 
in the "lack of concensus 
thread) but allowing people to add stuff local to them without 
necessarily worrying about "correct" tagging has got OSM to where it is now.

It may well be that almost no-one has mapped allotment plots before**, 
which may mean that you get to pick some scheme that works for you.  
It'll almost certainly mean that there's no existing map that renders 
the data that you're interested in, so you'll get the chance to create 
that too.



** Actually, a quick search finds this wiki page 
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Allotments_Project>, so I'd probably 
start by asking some of the people mentioned there (mostly in the West 
Mids of England, I think).

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