[Tagging] Proposal for new tag: landuse=plot

Lukas Hornby lukas.hornby at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 17:15:52 UTC 2013


Having studied all of the comments, we seem to agree that a tag is needed,
that it is worth tagging. However the ambiguity over plot (which was the
word I used in my proposal and lot (which has been read into plot) seems to
be a sticking point.

I am moved to resubmit this proposal under the name
allotments:allotment_garden. This seems to be as close to universal as can
be achieved. Where the concept of allotments doesn't exist, then the tag is
not useful in that region.

This also paves the way for another useful sub-divison of allotments,
allotments:community_garden. A previous proposal was made here
made the same mistakes I did in using 'landuse' incorrectly. This tag
would apply to allotment areas used by the community rather than the
individual and is consistent with the concept of an allotment in the US.

In terms of procedure, should I rename the proposal, or abandon it and
start anew?

Lukas Hornby
(Developer -Grow Bradford)
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