[Tagging] parking:lane tag with month of year restrictions

Charles Basenga Kiyanda personal at charleskiyanda.com
Wed Sep 18 20:25:06 UTC 2013


I've contributed to osm in the past, though I tend to do edits for a 
little bit then disappear for a long while. I recently had an idea for 
an app, which required me to have street parking data for the city of 
Montréal and since it's not in osm yet I thought I would start adding 
it. [Enough of personal context.]

My question is specifically about specifying month varying parking 
restrictions. I found the following page on the wiki which describes how 
to add street parking information with time restrictions:


The problem is that Montréal has month specific parking restrictions. A 
typical example is:

Right side of the street:
April to October, Anytime except Tuesday between noon and 14:00
November to March, Anytime except Monday, Wednesday, Friday between 
13:00 and 17:00.

Left side of the street:
April to October, Anytime except Monday between noon and 14:00
November to March, Anytime except Tuesday and Thursday between 13:00 and 

Is there a concensus on how to indicate restrictions that vary on 
different months. I tried searching the list archives but didn't find 
anything on that particular question. The simplest method would probably 
to use default=free and add a no_parking time_interval restriction, so 
the proper syntax would look like (for the April to October restrictions):

parking:condition:right:time_interval=Tu 12:00-14:00

I would like to be able to specify (for the whole year):
parking:condition:right:time_interval=Nov-Mar Mo 13:00-17:00;Nov-Mar We 
13:00-17:00; Nov-Mar We 13:00-17:00;Apr-Oct Tu 12:00-14:00

Is this already possible or does this need to be the subject of a proper 
proposal and discussion?



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