[Tagging] RFC: Japanese address, place revise (Block system address)

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Thank you for reply.

Here is a most simple example.
If we need more complex ones, I'll make them.

* City level
Whole Chiba "city"
Chiba city has 6 "suburb"s.
See "subarea" member of relation, for details.

* Suburb level
This is one of the suburb.
Named "Chuo-ku" (means "Center ward". 中央区)
"Chuo-ku" has 7 "Upper Neighbourhood"s.

* Upper Neighbourhood
This is one of the Upper Neighbourhood.
Named "Matsunami" area. (松波)
"Matsunami" area has 4 "Lower Neighbourhood"s.

* Lower Neighbourhood
This is one of the Lower Neighbourhood.
Named "1 Chome" area(means "1st area", 一丁目 or 1丁目).
"1 Chome" is divided into 19 blocks.

* Block address
"1 Chome" of "Matunami" has 19 blocks.
The polygon divided by roads are called "block".

Those are well not mapped on OSM, here is a sample image.

* Housenumber address
e.g. 12th block has 7 "house"s.
Each house has it's own "housenumber".
(In some case, may contain branch, gap, or missing numbers.)

* Same area on other maps.
** Japan Government map

** Yahoo! Japan Maps

And then, I'm afraid of my choise of the words to place tag namimg.
May be some conflict will occur on use of "quarter" with other country.


2013/9/18 Serge Wroclawski <emacsen at gmail.com>

> Perhaps this is one of those "a picture is worth a thousand words"
> type situations.
> I know that the Japanese system for addressing is quite different than
> the system we think of in the West.
> Can you perhaps show us what a map of addresses looks like in another
> map, and then show an OSM example of what your proposal would look
> like?
> Obviously the most important community that this needs to make sense
> to are local (Japanese) mappers, but it might be nice if the rest of
> us understood as well.
> - Serge
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