[Tagging] Visual editor for the wiki (WAS: How to overcome lack of consensus)

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 23:42:43 UTC 2013


I'm not sure I'd rush into
it, anyway. Even granted
that en.wikipedia
probably uses more complex
markup and templates than we
do, uptake of the
visual editor (among new
editors and otherwise)
doesn't seem very high, and
no one outside of the WMF
seems very impressed by its
current state of

----- End quote -----

Well we are a little way off as this requires the next version of mediawiki
to be marked as stable (and then rolled out on our site) so plenty of time
to fix any bugs.

In regards to its usefullness it is worth considering the aim of our wiki.
Is it to help the community share knowledge or is it for something else? In
my opinion as long as the VisualEditor does not have show stopper bugs we
should aim to adopt it as soon as possible. The benefit to our community
(of many non wiki markup users) is substantial.

As always statistics on use welcome.

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