[Tagging] What is OSM: a base layer for individual maps, or a fully featured geobased information system?

André Pirard A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 15:20:30 UTC 2014

On 2014-03-30 13:50, Frederik Ramm wrote :
> Hi,
> On 29.03.2014 13:41, nounours77 wrote:
>> BUT: I asked OsmAnd to render the tag, and the
>> answer was - quite understandable: "/Only officially supported tags will
>> be rendered/". 
> This is silly. How do they define "officially supported tag"? There's no
> such thing in OpenStreetMap.
> I suspect the what the OsmAnd people really mean is "we can't render
> every little thing else the map becomes unreadable". Which certainly is
> correct but at the same time means they will have their own rules and
> ideas about what to show and what not.
> (If you should be under the impression that once a tag has gone through
> a proposal it will magically show up on openstreetmap.org then you're
> wrong.)
I prefer the expression "well defined tag" (by wiki or per se) rather
than "officially supported" (what support? how official?).

I wonder why you find Osmand or other persons silly when they wonder
what and how they should render of the mass we produce, after it has
been said on this list: there is no need to make proposals, just go
ahead tagging as you feel it and discuss that among your mates.

On the other hand, I wonder what the ranted expression "tagging for the
renderer" means.
According to its latest revision, that is "making a tagging mistake to
obtain some rendering".
OK, OK, but what then is "a tagging mistake" if everybody "have their
own rules and ideas about what to show and what not", and  "have their
own rules and ideas about what to tag and how" in a not very "well
defined manner"?
Are those persons silly too?

What I find silly is to tag say apartments or kayak wharf, whatever, and
spend lots of OSM change sets trying to pick one of the well defined
tags rendering them "not for the renderer".
Is it silly to want those features to show other than like the invisible
man on the recreation_ground or summer_resort among the other features
nicely showing on that ground, and the miniature_golf not showing like
the Adam's and Eve's orchard?

To solve that issue, I make the following suggestion (not proposal
because you said it's unnecessary):


That may win the shortest definition contest. Almost...
Alas, it applies only to fill areas, but that's prominent need, let
alone the tightrope walker's show.
Any similar idea for ways and nodes welcome.
Together with name=* written inside, it's the essential for map readers
to find their way.
Chaos you said?  Not.
It's agreed that any time the other tags will produce another rendering,
it will supersede render=*.
Up to the renderer.
I think it needs no <renderer>: or other prefix as it's perfectly
general (and as mapnik supports *osmarender:render*=no
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:osmarender:render%3Dno> ;-))

Any comments, ±1 or +100 welcome.



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