[Tagging] Feature Proposal - No votes for proposals opening_hours_holiday_select and opening_hours_open_until

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Mon Apr 7 20:34:42 UTC 2014

Hi Robin,

On 07.04.2014 22:11, Robin `ypid` Schneider wrote:
> I created two proposals for which the time to vote is over but there are no
> votes :(. Should we open the voting once again or what is the usual procedure in
> such a case? The proposals are:

that "voting" for a proposal is nothing more than a rough indication of 
the opinion of the people actually stated their opinion.
You could have asked at your local regular's table, in the forum or the 
mailing list.

It's just a different tool to do the community communication process of 
getting a common understanding about the meaning of specific tags.

If no one is interested in your tags, then probably it's of no use to 
the community.
And we're too much of a Do-ocracy in this case. No one is interested in 
people solving problems which only exist in theory.

If your tool can evaluate a specific patter, then do it and document it. 
If it's reasonable then people will follow that tagging. If not a 
discussion will arise in the future.

I would imagine most people would handle places without a specific 
opening hour similar I would do. If it's not possible to specify some 
"core" hours which are certainly open, I would not specify at all.
It's simply not possible to evaluate it automatically with a reasonable 
effort. So if a business refuses to tell me when they're open, then they 
have to accept that software giving hints about "open now" won't list 
them. Similar to the "open as long as customers are there" closing time...


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