[Tagging] semantic issue with "genus" in the wiki, wetland, plant nursery, ...

Holger Jeromin mailgmane at katur.de
Mon Dec 1 13:25:03 UTC 2014

Martin Koppenhoefer wrote on 01.12.2014 11:22:
> I believe there are some semantic issues with how the wiki currently
> suggests to tag details of plants, e.g. with the tags "genus" or "species".
> Now to plant nurseries, according to the wiki the suggested tagging is
> (they do not have their own tag but rely on the landuse attribute, but
> that is another topic I will not deal with here):
> landuse=plant_nursery
> plant=* The generic type of plant that is grown, e.g. tree, herb, bush,
> grass, vine, fern, moss, green-algae
> genus=*
> species=*
> ...
> wait, this is strange, the same tag "genus" now does not refer to the
> object it is attached to (an implicit plant_nursery) but refers to the
> plants that are grown.
> Similarly, on the genus key page, there are references to
> natural=wetland etc.
> I think this is an inconsistency in tagging and would be interested to
> hear if you believe the recommendation should be changed. E.g. we could
> have a "plant:genus" to explicitly state that the genus refers to the
> plants rather than the nursery.

genus and species is defined as a name for an organism, not only plants.

I added the species to animals in a zoo:

So for producing landuse like plant_nursery a prefix named "product:"
seems nicer.
A landuse=vineyard could default to "product:vitis".

Oh, on this wikipage i found the "crop" key for producing landuses...

Really a mess.


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