[Tagging] semantic issue with "genus" in the wiki, wetland, plant nursery, ...

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 15:07:38 UTC 2014

2014-12-01 14:25 GMT+01:00 Holger Jeromin <mailgmane at katur.de>:

> > plant=* The generic type of plant that is grown, e.g. tree, herb, bush,
> ...
> > I think this is an inconsistency in tagging and would be interested to
> > hear if you believe the recommendation should be changed. E.g. we could
> > have a "plant:genus" to explicitly state that the genus refers to the
> > plants rather than the nursery.
> genus and species is defined as a name for an organism, not only plants.
> I added the species to animals in a zoo:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/286321033
> So for producing landuse like plant_nursery a prefix named "product:"
> seems nicer.

Isn't "product" refering to an object? Might be suitable for plants, but
for animals I'm not sure it is a nice tag.

My suggestion for "plant" was based on the wiki description on the plant
nursery page which states that this tag is to map the type of plant that is
grown, so this would enhance consistency in this page, but I recall that
for similar use cases there are also other tags in use, like
- "produce" (for agricultural stuff) http://wiki.osm.org/wiki/Key:produce
- "product" (for industrial goods and similar):
- "crop" (for the type of crop on cultivated land)
- "trees" for the types of trees on an orchard

so "produce:genus" might be a better option than the aforementioned

Usage (taginfo):
plant: 896
produce: 8 493
product: 677
crop: 73 337 (but not all are about produce, there are also 9K "yes", 6K
"field_cropland" etc.)
trees: 33 608 (often not applicable for plant nurseries)

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