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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 13:48:56 UTC 2014

Appearantly nobody cares for access any more?
Maybe my mail was too long, or you got the impression that this was
referring to Italy only.

In short, I think we should add more access classes to the wiki:

- armed_forces=yes/no etc. (identifier cannot be "military" because that
key is taken)

- car_hire_with_driver (yes, this is not a handy key name, any better
suggestion welcome, but should be explicit). This class exists at least in
Italy and Germany, but I guess there are other countries as well. These are
legally distinct from taxis and not generally included in PSV but there can
be exceptions where they are treated like taxis (e.g. permission to use
priority lanes).

- public_utility (this was referred to as "public administration" in my
original mail, but has now been corrected after I found the actual legal
text [1]).
these include: public bodies / statutory corporations and public offices,
assisting associations, private companies with scopes of public utility,
individual citizens with public functions (these all require an individual
permit in this particular example so in OSM this would be "private") and
"cars of public administrations visiting the city" (no individual permit
needed in this case)

I also still think that "tram" could be a subclass of landbased
transportation -> vehicle -> motor_vehicle -> psv
(yes, they are on rails, but they are also part of road transport if their
rails aren't separated from the road).


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