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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 11:18:21 UTC 2014

2014-12-03 6:35 GMT+01:00 Friedrich Volkmann <bsd at volki.at>:

> I guess that these regulations are not done by explicit listing, but by
> definition of ZTLs in the laws. So all you need is a tag like highway=ztl
> or
> highway=pedestrian+pedestrian=ztl, and some comment on the default access
> page.

It seems you are writing about stuff you absolutely have no idea about. If
all we needed to do was what you wrote above, we would have done this
rather than discussing access tagging improvements here. A ZTL is typically
defining access restrictions, it has nothing to do with a road class. There
are typically big signs with longs lists of exceptions written in tiny
fonts, and yes, you won't have time to read them when you are driving (and
mostly you won't have access if you don't know what is written there, i.e.
if you are not a local). Sometimes there are also policemen to control who
enters (you'd have to stop and talk to them in order to enter).

ZTLs are defined on a municipal level (or city level in bigger cities), and
every ZTL can (and does) have its own rules, often time dependent (e.g.
some are valid Mo-Fr daytimes, others the weekend in the night, etc.),
there are even rules like on every second day you can enter with a vehicle
with even number on the number plate, and the other days the uneven number
plates have access.  When the ZTL is not active, these are normal streets
(mostly residential).

It does not make sense to invent new access tags for every obscure purpose
> like home_land_security=yes or access=mister_john_miller. Use the generic
> access=private for those purposes.

I agree that it doesn't make sense to tag access=mister_john_smith but
homeland_security=yes is a completely different case and could indeed have
some sense (I am not proposing this here, because I have not yet
encountered such a sign). Please note that I only proposed 3 new categories
and asked to put "tram" in the psv class:

- private_hire (key name by Phil Barnes)
- public_utility (or similar key name)
- military vehicles/services/personnel

Regarding trams, there is another issue: there is a key:tram page from 2011
that redirects to access (where there is no mention of a tram key), but the
actual usage (I guess, not checked) is within the public_transport tagging
scheme to say which kind of stop (bus, tram etc.) there is.

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