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Long post to follow so this is a short version.
"too long; didn't read" [TL;DR]:
(1) proposing tagging for zone like ZTL:
(2) proposing access=authorised
(3) I don't like acronyms
(4) attempt to modify "access" categories and labels

Long post:

Old proposal trafficzone [1] has some overlap with this discussion on
zones and restriction access.
It was limited to "traffic" and was excluding "access/restrictions"
but that could be adapted for the sake of flexibility and usability.

So possible tag for a ZTL in Italy could be:
highway=IT:limited_traffic_zone (scheme similar to highway=living_street)
highway=residential/pedestrian + zone:traffic=IT:limited_traffic_zone
(scheme similar to zone:maxspeed=FR:30 or zone:traffic=DE:urban)

A few interesting excerpts IMO:
> This proposal [trafficzone] wants to install a tagging-scheme for implicit traffic-laws [...]
> A traffic zone often bundles a lot of restrictions: not only maxspeeds for various vehicle types, but additional regulations depending on local law.
> Mapping reality proves that mappers don't add all those tags, they might not even know about all those restrictions. But they are able to identify traffic zones.
> Using zone:traffic allows to distinguish between explicitly signed restrictions and those that are defaults for the zone. This has several advantages:
> - It becomes trivial to deal with some changes in traffic laws.
> - A mapper re-checking an area knows whether to look for explicit signage.
As a proposal it is old and still a draft but it is used nonetheless [2].

On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 6:35 AM, Friedrich Volkmann <bsd at volki.at> wrote:
> Are there really road signs with addional plates listing all of that stuff?
> How big are those signs, and how long does it take for a driver to read them?
Quite big, quite long. Let pictures speak [3;4;5].

> I guess that these regulations are not done by explicit listing, but by
> definition of ZTLs in the laws. So all you need is a tag like highway=ztl or
> highway=pedestrian+pedestrian=ztl, and some comment on the default access page.
I would prefer without acronyms, hence *=IT:limited_traffic_zone.

> It does not make sense to invent new access tags for every obscure purpose
> like home_land_security=yes or access=mister_john_miller. Use the generic
> access=private for those purposes.
Would another generic value like access=authorised allow a useful
distinction from access=private?
private: Only with permission of the owner on an individual basis.
authorised: Only with authorisation (from public authority) by
regulations and special exemptions.
I think it would be easy to use "authorised" since it is explicitly
used on some signs. In several countries [7,8,9,10].

Moving forward to the access wiki page...

Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> But there are some categories for which we currently do not have suitable tags (AFAIK):

> previous proposals: "armed_forces" / "military" / "military_personnel"
Some other ideas: "military_vehicles" and "army".
I like "military_vehicles" because it is different but still related
to the key:military and landuse=military.
Furthermore this [military vehicles]=yes/no" is quite close to
emergency=yes and might be considered as subclass of public_utility or
reference: Emergency_service on wikipedia.org [6]
> Other emergency services
> Military — to provide specialist services, such as bomb disposal or to supplement emergency services at times of major disaster, civil dispute or high demand.

> - NCC (noleggio con conducente, car hire with driver)
> previous proposals: "private_hire" / "car_hire_with_driver"
Some others ideas to consider:
- "vehicle_hire_with_driver",
- "private_driver",
- "driver_hire",
- "driver_service",
(also replace "_driver_" by "_chauffeur_"),
- "ridesharing",
- "ridesharing_service".
It is hard also to decide if [vehicle hire with driver] is a
standalone category or if it falls by default as subclass under psv
(not public but private, private but public service) or hov
("carpooling" and "ridesharing" are quite close but "ridesharing
private service" is quite different especially when the driver is

This could be another topic but still in "access": I don't like
acronyms so I would put into question:
- psv > public_service or public_transport
- hov > carpool
- hgv > heavy_goods
Other nitpicks:
Taxi are "PSV" under english regulations, but is this the case in all
other countries?
What about [vehicle hire with driver]?

And an attempt to put all this together:

Value | Description
yes | The public has an official, legally-enshrined right of access;
i.e., it's a right of way
private | Only with permission of the owner on an individual basis
authorised | Only with authorisation (from public authority) by
regulations and special exemptions

Transport mode restrictions
access=* (category: any land-based transportation mode)
 vehicle=* (category: any vehicle)
  motor_vehicle=* (category: any motorized vehicle)
  Double-tracked (category: motor vehicles with more than 2
wheels/more than 1 track)
 - goods=* (light commercial vehicles; maximum allowed mass of up to 3.5 tonnes)
 - heavy_goods=* (heavy goods vehicle; maximum allowed mass over 3.5 tonnes)

  By use

 - [public related]
 | - public_transport=*
 | | - bus=* (a bus acting as a public service vehicle, constrast with
 | | | - trolleybus=*
 | | - tram=*
 | - public_utility
 | | - emergency=*
 | | - [military vehicles]
 | | - [utilities & infrastructure] (gas, electricity, water, telecom, waste)
 | | - [other public_utility categories]

 ? - taxi=*
 ? - [vehicle hire with driver]

 - carpool=* [was: hov=*] (high-occupancy vehicle/carpool, at least
one passenger)
 - car_sharing=* (car sharing vehicles)

[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/trafficzone
[2] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:zone:traffic

[3] http://www.florence-on-line.com/images/images/ztl-entrance.jpg
[4] http://www.reidsitaly.com/images/tuscany/florence/misc/ztl_sign.jpg
[5] http://www.germantravel-info.com/graphics/ztlsign.jpg

[6] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_service

[7] http://c8.alamy.com/comp/ABFKH9/red-white-bicycles-sign-blue-sticker-art-graffiti-excepte-vehicles-ABFKH9.jpg
[8] http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/e8/2d/45/e82d45efd50dad3fe23a9540fc52d09a.jpg
[9] https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/.imaging/stk/SCC-Home/standard-small/dms/scc/management/corporate-communications/images/roads-transport/roads-signs/signs/Bus-lane-cameras/document/Bus-lane-cameras-sign.jpg
[10] https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b4/Panneau_interdiction_sauf_v%C3%A9hicules_autoris%C3%A9s.JPG/337px-Panneau_interdiction_sauf_v%C3%A9hicules_autoris%C3%A9s.JPG

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