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>> For me, English common sense says a 'water source' could be a river, lake,
>> spring etc...
>> the portability of water is not a measure of its source (where it comes
>> from) but its purity...
>> So I'd think the key should be
>> Water_purity  with the key values 'potable', 'nonpotable' and 'unknown'
>> ('yes' does not imply anything in the context of water purity nor water
>> source).
>> That key can be added to rives, lakes, drinking fountains etc etc .. no
>> changes are required for present tags. Simply the additional information
>> can be added.
> Warin, I don't know if you followed the discussion and saw the proposal in
> the wiki.
> In short, it all started with the lack of good option to map a source of
> non-potable water, like a water tap. It evolved from there to the current
> state. The proposal from the last email reflects  to ~90 % everything
> suggested as the discussion proceeded.
> I agree that water_purity sounds better than many other combinations
> though. So if you could suggest how to tag a tap with non-potable water, we
> can reconsider it.
> Cheers,
> Kotya

'We' don't have a current tag for water_tap. Which is where this 
started. If it were about the portability then the subject is 
missleading in both this topic and in the wiki.

As is usual the discussion considers many things associated with said 
tap. Hence my comment on the tag for water purity, which could be used 
for any water object, not just taps but fountains, rivers etc.

The wiki http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/water_tap 
now considers water purity before water tap ... !  As this discussion 
looks to be too. It should have the tap as the first consideration.

The main choice for water tap is between man_made = water_tap or amenity 
= water_tap. I have no firm idea on either choice. If I have too now I'd 
chose man_made=water_tap. Fits with man_made=water_well .. though not 
with amenity=shower and I'm certain tehre are other examples.

But the tag for the purity of the water should be named so that it 
cannot be confused with some other meaning. And be secondary to the 
facility .. much as 'surface=paved' is to other tags (eg highway).

So on one node the following tags


Aside. The tag amenity=drinking_water I have used for water blubbers 
commonly placed in parks for people to drink from here. They are about 
waist height that provide a vertical jet of water say 6" height 
controlled by a self returning mechanism.  They would all be taken as 
portable. Here we don't usually consider fountains to be sources of 
human drinking water due to possible pollution (e.g. bird droppings, 
ducks etc).

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