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Thu Dec 4 15:29:19 UTC 2014

Trying to keep here only what is relevant to initial request.
Starting new threads for side topics.

previous proposals:
- "armed_forces"
- "army".
- "military"
- "military_vehicles"
- "military_personnel"

> cannot be "military" because that key is taken

First: Shame that namespace is not enforced because access:military=*
would be so clear and easy.
Second choice: I would like "military". Is the overload of the key
such a no-go...
Third: I'll go for "military_vehicles".

Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> [...] while I would support this move, I think
> we should spell these out and not reduce the information, so
> psv should become "public_service_vehicle",
> "hov" -> "heavy_occupancy_vehicle" [...]
> hgv -> heavy_goods_vehicle etc.

>> previous proposals: "private_hire" / "car_hire_with_driver"
>> Some others ideas to consider:
>> - "vehicle_hire_with_driver",
>> - "private_driver",
>> [...]

Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> no, I'd clearly go for "private_hire"

For consistency you could consider here:
"private_hire" -> "private_hire_vehicle" or "vehicle_hire_with_driver"?
I am surprised by your choice of "private_hire" because  this is the
only case where I find that the definition is too implicit and
requires the additional "_vehicle". Even if the expression "private
hire vehicle" is common, with only "private hire" you could privately
hire anything from cars with or without driver to bicycles and horses
and caravans.

* "private_hire_vehicle" or "vehicle_hire_with_driver": clear and
understandable anywhere in the world
* "private_hire": starting to be ambiguous and maybe specifically
related to England
* "minicab": even worse as it seems to be specific to London only and
people around the world may understand 'minicab' as some sort of small
cab/taxicab. Very misleading IMO.

(4) attempt to modify "access" categories and labels

Would you care to present a similar version of your ideas?
It would be useful to see how you want to arrange labels and hierarchy
for the categories you are describing.
Maybe on the discussion page like

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